Is there official discord server?

Hey there, @Qwe :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Hillary here from the Support Team. I appreciate you sharing your feedback, as feedback is one of the things we consistently use to make our product and our offerings better. Below I have outlined some further information about the points that you have brought up.

We do not currently have a Support specific discord. There is, however, a fun announcement on the horizon regarding Jamstack discord spaces that will be coming out soon. I encourage you to stay tuned for the next week or two. :netlisparkles:

Our primary Support space for non-paying Netlify customers are these Forums. This is not a substitute for the public Github repos we have, linked here, where you can filed targeted issues. We have intentionally selected a public Forums format so that we can build out categories such as our Support Guides, which houses over 90 guides that answer frequently asked questions about topics such as DNS, debugging builds, and best practices for optimizing build time. We hear you that it can be a bit crowded, and we are currently working on archiving duplicate threads (see new post here) that make searching a bit tricky, and also working to highlight the most relevant threads. If you have further suggestions regarding optimizing search, please do share them here! :slight_smile:

In terms of response speeds, folks can gain access to Helpdesk support depending on the tier they are working on (ie: pro, business, etc.). You can read more about that here. One of the things Netlify values is transparency, so I want to share that we do not currently have a roadmap for live chat support. With over 2 million developers, live chat is outside the scope of what we are choosing to focus on. Additionally, live chat hides a lot of great conversations and learning moments that would be public in a Forum space. I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but it is one that we have landed on for now as a team.

On the topic of tags, this is a great question. We use tags for two purposes:

  1. On the Support Team, we use tags to track trends in questions or particular topics that are coming up so that we can improve our public documentation and support guides.
  2. Searchability. While the fulltext search works better for you, we want to provide as many paths as possible for the Forums members, as each individual here learns and searches differently.

Is there a specific tag you were looking for that you were unable to find? Let me know, and I can get that added for you.

When it comes to making a new account, I hear you! Folks have lots of log-ins for various sites these days. The benefit of having a Netlify specific Forum with your Netlify login is that it streamlines Support effort for us and generates a faster response time. Like I mentioned above, we have a high number of folks using Netlify every day. When folks use their Netlify account email to sign up for the Netlify Forums, the Support Engineers can quickly access your account when trying to get you un-stuck, among other things!

To your point about limiting conversation, I would like to share that our Forums, much like StackOverflow, are hosted on discourse. Can you share a bit more about what particular components on our Forums act as a barrier to conversation? We are consistently looking for ways to make the Forums more accessible and inclusive, so I would love to hear more about what has felt discouraging or limiting so that I can surface it to my team.

Ok-- I think that covers the thoughts you have shared here! Again, thanks for surfacing this feedback. Whether negative or positive feedback, we appreciate the time people take to share their experience with us. I look forward to your response so we can continue this conversation.