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PLEASE READ! All hands on deck needed for cleanup duty. Rewards for help! 🧹

Hey everyone! We need your help and the best helpers will win!

It’s been a super busy year here in the Netlify Support Forums - we’ve seen our membership go through the roof, and we have answered a boatload of questions from all of you curious Netlifolks n Netlifans. The forums are an amazing place to get information, help troubleshooting, and to learn more about web development. This is a friendly, welcoming space for experienced users and newbies alike. Nobody gets yelled at, and everyone gets treated with respect!

We have

topics (started conversations) and

posts in those conversations this year ALONE.

That’s awesome - but it also means that these forums are getting a bit hard to use. :face_with_head_bandage:

When the forums get cluttered - it becomes a vicious cycle: People don’t use the search, as it shows to many duplicates, and they can’t find the information they need quickly. So they post a new question, and the clutter gets worse. and worse. and worse.

While the Netlify Support staff, specifically @hillary and I are working hard to keep things tidy and usable, we really need your help.

Here is our ask:

Before the end of December, please go through any topics you have started (so, where you wrote the first post) and tag them no-longer-needed if the thread is resolved and does not benefit others.

For example:

  • You had a temporary DNS issue that has since been fixed.
  • The problem you were experiencing was user error and has since been fixed by you.
  • It was something related to an incident or outage related and temporary in nature.
  • It is the kind of question we have many, many of.

If you are not sure if it fits those criteria - tag it anyway.

If you want to be even more helpful, if you see topics that are no longer needed, but that you didn’t start, please tag them as well in the same way :smiley:

Nothing will get automatically deleted!! I promise! Tagging is just an indicator. We will review all tagged topics and only delete those where we agree with the tag. If we think it is a useful thread, we’ll keep it!

There are many thousands of you and only a few of us which is why we need help!

You’ll have our gratitude, our appreciation, and!! the top posters who nominate their own posts for deletion and can provide it (by posting the links in response to this topic) will get a REWARD. Yes, a reward. It will be a cool one. More details soon!

Thank you so much for keeping this place AWESOME and HELPFUL for everyone.


Apologies, I must be missing something - how can we edit the tags in a published topic?

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hey stephanos,
no, i owe folks an apology. unless you have a decent amount of Karma here and a high enough trust level, its not possible. You can just mention post a reply here in this thread and link us to the threads that can be deleted, and that will also work!


My question/thread can be tagged no-longer-needed here: Guidance on GO_IMPORT_PATH for the Quick-Deploy Template

It was resolved with help from Support! Thanks!

@shrmpy I’ve marked it for you. Thanks for letting us know!

Hey you can tag this too about https redirects: Programmatically force HTTPS via API - #5 by hrishikesh

Also, I have a feature request that could be re-tagged: Restrict form submission - #7 by hrishikesh

Hey there, @stephanos :wave:

I have marked that first thread as no-longer-needed. What do you want the feature request tagged as? no-longer-needed as well?

Many thanks, Yes that could also marked no-longer-needed since it seems it has been logged internally.