Is the Netlify GitHub App still required for CI/CD?

We have the Netlify GitHub App installed for our GitHub organisation. It’s was installed 4 years ago.

This was required for CI/CD.

Looking through all the docs on CI/CD and deployments I now see no mention of it and the Alogia search gives no results.

Can we uninstall it?

I believe it’s still needed, its usage is described in the docs, which you can find here:

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Thanks @tomrutgers.

I expected it was needed

How strange the docs site search did not find it and all the docs on CD talk as if the Netlify platform magically does it with a mention of the App.

Which search queries did you use to try and find the information? It might be useful feedback for the documentation team if you could shed some light on what you tried, did and did not come across in your search for info.


Absolutely echoing what @tomrutgers said-- I would be happy to pass along any feedback you have from this!


Thanks @hillary. Yes please. though I did drop a note into the docs feedback form.

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Thanks @hillary. Wanted to CC you, but I see that’s no longer needed :upside_down_face:


Hey there, @slim and @tomrutgers :wave:

I wanted to follow up here and let you know that the Docs team has edited this page to include clarify what is needed for CI/CD. Thank you both for being such active members of the Forums and continuously sharing feedback with us, we appreciate it!

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