Is the "Error Task Timeout error after 10.02 seconds" caused by importing multiple module?

My page import some module:

In getServerSideProps I get query and call api, then return response.

export async function getServerSideProps(context) {
  try {
    var startTime =;
    const query = context.query;
    const url = `myurl with query`;
    const searchResulf = await axios.get(url);
    var endTime =;
    console.log(`Took ${endTime - startTime} milliseconds`);
    return {
      props: {
  } catch (error) { 
    return {
      props: {
      searchResulf: null,

In localhost everything is fine, never more than 2s waiting for api.

Took 939 milliseconds
Took 415 milliseconds
Took 840 milliseconds

In brower, never more than 5s for first file HTML response.

But when deploying on netlify this page is broken, other sites work properly. The function log get nothing, just “Error: Task timed out after 10.02 seconds”.

I’m new to Nextjs, this is my first project, I’m stuck here for 2 days because of this error.

Hi @pffdota04

What site is this about?