Is Next 13 ISR "dynamicParams" supported?

I am working on Next.js website. I use Next 13 “App Router” structure.

I try to use “dynamicParams” feature:

It doesn’t work.
Expected behavior: for a page that was not generated during build time, I should get the SSR page, that should be cached.
Actual behavior: 404 page.

Local behavior:
If I build(npm run build) site locally and then start it locally(npm run start), I get the behavior described in Next.js documentation. The new page is generated.

Could you point me out, what is supported in next app router by Netlify?

The links that I found:

  1. Using the Next 13 `app` directory on Netlify · netlify/next-runtime · Discussion #1724 · GitHub
    dynamicParams: false is not supported. But that was a year ago.

  2. Next.js ISR on Netlify | Netlify Docs
    There is no info about support of the “Next App Router” structure.

Next.js 13.5 in its current state is anyways broken in multiple issues on Netlify. I won’t dive into is x supported right now because even if it is, you’re very likely going to run into some other problems that you’d eventually want to give up.

The solution: Wait till we announce a better support for Next.js in general and then we can figure out if this is still a problem.