Is it possible to make a Netlify subdirectory act as the root?

This sounds a bit bizarre, but is it possible for something like be the actual root dir? the reason I ask is that we’re trying to utilize a reverse proxy through Cloudfront for our blog, which lives on Netlify. Our main site is hosted with Webflow so we’re trying to serve our Netlify content at and the easiest way to do that is to tell Cloudfront that everything at /blog and beyond gets served from Netlify, and not Webflow.

Based on your comment in the helpdesk, it seems you’ve got this working. If you’ve a moment to spare, feel free to leave notes on how you did it so it can help future users who end up in a similar situation.

To keep this architecture agnostic, I configured my build to publish the file structure at the specific subdirectory I was looking for. Nothing fancy. So the actual site and all files will build at and then I setup the reverse proxy to forward all traffic from our cdn from a /blog url to the netlify app.

Thanks so much for coming back and sharing, @chris_s. We appreciate it. Happy building :rocket: