Root folder redirect and subfolder shadow

I have two netlify apps and I’m trying to have one be the ‘root’ of the site and the other live in a subfolder of the site.

URLS for public facing should be: (using
and (using

What I want to do in the meantime while the agency.eab. com (not a typo, new users can’t have more than 6 urls :confused:) site is being built, is to redirect agency.eab. com ==> agency.eab. com/sales and have agency.eab. com/sales show the content from (but not, of course, show the url)

I’ve got the part working, I just can’t seem to redirect the home page. Here’s my redirect for

/sales/* 200!
/ /sales

What do I have wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Hiya @b00y0h and sorry to be slow to get back to you! I think that you’re missing the force on the / /sales redirect:

/ /sales 301!

I assume you have a /index.html and we are showing it instead of processing the redirect?

This article has my recommended workflow for your “proxying content between sites” setup: [Support Guide] Can I deploy multiple repositories in a single site? which recommends a different config (proxy from directory X on site A to directory X on site B) which is a bit easier to troubleshoot, in case you’re open to a slightly different layout.