Is analytics a 30 day rolling window or do they just start 30 days prior to activation date?

After paying for analytics, will I always able to see from 30 days back from the time of activation, or is it a rolling window so the total amount of history available to me will always only be 30 days back from the date I view the analytics? If the first, excellent. If the latter; is there a way to download the raw data into a CSV format or - better yet - get email reports monthly? Thanks!

Hi, @tobiasroland, it is a rolling 30 day time window. Also, at this time, there is no way to export the Analytics data.

We do have an open feature request to be able to export the Analytics data. I’ve cross-linked the feature request and this community topic for tracking. If/when this becomes possible, we’ll update this topic to let you know about it.

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I’m using this thread to let Netlify team know that I’m on the exact same position : Only one month and no history is good for a launch or a first audit, but not really a mid/long term paid solution.

I know that you know, but this a friendly +1 to push this request.

Hi, @divinerites, would you prefer the CSV export option mentioned by @tobiasroland or would you prefer a long data retention window? Both?

Hello Luke,

Thanks for responding.

  • For a paid service, having this online (even if I should wait few seconds for really old data retrival) is expected I guess. So no computation/skill needed on my side for the service.
  • For a free/cheap service, csv export is fine considering it’s free :slight_smile:

This said, as a whole is an amazing service, even the basic plan.

Have a nice day.

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Understood, +1’ed you @divinerites!