Internal Server Errors across Netlify sites

I’m currently getting a lot of “Internal Server Error - Request ID: …” when loading sites on and on my own site

Here’s an example request:

Request id: 01FXQDR20X5S3J0RNTPV71R6QY
Request url: Netlify Blog


Happening here also.
Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQE9KXVKTQ1RZ6WQTYEKT10
Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQEFRF5W7BMMER31WTMHV0T

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I am facing the same issue. If I remember correctly, this issue occurred in January also. The deployment is also failing. Even the Netlify support page also shows the server error!


I am facing the same issue. I have a couple of sites running on Netlify. Some sites are returning “Internal Server Error - Request ID: …”, while others are still up, but with very slow response.


Same to me, ive been trying to fix all my websites the past hour. clients are pissed



Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQGWB52ZDDWYT69ZX6G8KZ7

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If netlify gives any response to anyone please share it when you have time, thankyou.

This is the official statement from Netlify:

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All my netlify sites went back up. We survived it fellas.


Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay here! @nikwen, I appreciate you sharing the status page. We will continue sharing updates there.

Thankyou for sharing that!


Hi folks, thanks for following along here!

Our mitigation was not fully effective and we are seeing more latency, timeouts, and errors for serving uncached content, API responses, and builds for all customers. Our team is working hard on a fix.

As shared before, we will continue to update our status page:

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Clients on our site ( were getting the following error msg. when trying to log in earlier:

Unexpected token I in JSON at position 0

It seems to be resolved now but second time in the last couple of months this has happened :frowning:

Unexpected token I in JSON at position 0

This happens when trying to parse “Internal Server Error …” as JSON.

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Hey folks, thanks so much for following up. Our team is working hard on a fix.

We will continue to update our status page:

The status page incorrectly lists this as a “degradation” where there’s forum full of reports that it was at least a partial outage.

An outage is a painful thing to experience. Please at least acknowledge it.

Saying “degradation” when there’s clear evidence of an outage causes us to do the following:

  • site is down, check status page
  • see “degradation” not outage. OK, we need to investigate this
  • run un-necessary troubleshooting with ping-tests, DNS, etc.
  • search on the forums in case we can’t trust the status page, finally see other reports - OK I guess I can stop troubleshooting now
  • decide whether we need to individually report this (as you’re claiming you’re unaware that there is or was an outage)
  • feel frustrated that you won’t even acknowledge this

I guarantee that the overall impact of not communicating the true event (causing customers unnececssary work on top of the downtime) leads to WAY more frustration and a severe loss of trust


Yes @google5. Agree 100%. A transparent information policy would save many people work and would be good for Netlify reputation. A 500 is no degradation. Ponto final!


hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work with the folks who are working to remediate the underlying problems. I understand your frustrations and, of course, that is never the experience we want you to have. I promise that we understand the impact and are working as hard as we can to remediate.

In order to streamline our Support communications, I will close this thread and we will share all updates in this thread, where we have Support Leadership monitoring the thread: