Intermittent 502 Bad Gateway error for my app - is it Netlify, or something else?

Hi there, I have a Netlify site which serves my app and this weekend a customer reported seeing intermittent 502 Bad Gateway errors. This customer is based in Ontario, Canada.

The app itself loads as an iframe in another app (Shopify).

My guess is it’s something on Shopify’s end, but I wanted to know if Netlify was experiencing any regional issues this weekend or if there is a way whether I can see if any 502 errors were served? I enabled Netlify analytics, but it didn’t seem to provide the granularity I was hoping for.

Thank you!

hi there,

sorry to be a little slow to respond. Are you still experiencing the error? It does seem likely that it is related to some of the rough patches we were seeing :grimacing:

we always encourage you to keep an eye on our status page, which also allows people to subscribe to updates: