Inputs missing in Netlify form

Hi guys

I have a problem with Netlify forms as certain inputs gets “lost in translation”…
I have two inputs (plus the hidden one for Vue instance that is needed by Netlify) :
An email input the user fill
An url hidden input dynamicaly filled at creation

Both are well send as I can see in my console but only the email one is fetch by Netlify as I can see in my Forms dashboard.

Here is my code :

        class="px-5 pb-5"
        <input type="hidden" name="form-name" value="export">
        <p class="d-none">
          <label>Don’t fill this out: <input name="bot-field"></label>
        <input type="hidden" name="mail" :value="mail">
        <input id="url" type="hidden" name="url" :value="exportUrl">

I have tried making this input not hidden, duplicate it (as found here Netlify forms is removing one of my input fields for no reason? GatsbyJs), add other input but it does nothing…

Do you have any idea where it could come from ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Thibault,

The fields you want to see MUST be present in an HTML file (extension .html), and must contain all fields, at deploy time. Adding fields via javascript that aren’t in the HTML file is the usual explanation for this kind of problem.

Could you link me to the live version of your html form (the .html file with it in, that I could download with a tool like curl rather than just seeing in the browser), so I can take a look and confirm that our database has found all the fields I’d expect from that html file?

Hi @fool and thanks for the reply,
I have gone this way and it’s that indeed. The missing field was set at “created”. I change it to be set at “computed” and it’s now working.

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