Input hidden issue

How to pass some additional data to Netlify form that is not visible to the user?

I am using it in gatsby, so I follow this approach but when adding something like <input type="hidden" name="extra" value="info" /> it doesnt get pushed into the form. What is the best approach to do this?

In many cases the HTML form is only used by Netlify to create the backend form handler. The form submission itself is often handled by the site javascript. If this is the case the javascript needs to send the value.

Does your form use javascript to submit? If so, are you sending the value with that method as well?

If you are not submitting using javascript to submit, would you send us a link to the page when the form is found?

I am having the same problem. Please see this thread: Pass a hidden input value with stateful React form

I also tried a hidden input field without props and no luck.

We’ll work with you over in that thread @bwickerson!

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