Info pricing Starter plan

Hello, I see that in the starter plan there are 300 Build minutes included a month and 100GB of Bandwidth.
But these 100GB are also at month?
I mean every month I have 300 Build minutes and 100GB Bandwidth, is that right?

Do you think that 100GB are enough?

hi @93lucasp, you are correct, every month you get 300 build minutes and 100GB for free on the starter plan. If you need more build minutes, you can purchase build packs of those, 500 minutes for $7.

The question about whether it is “enough” is impossible to answer definitively without knowing what kind of site you are looking to create. It’s the same as asking: “is $100 enough?” it depends on what you are trying to buy. If you are trying to buy an apple, it is more than enough. If you are trying to buy a car, it most definitely isn’t!

I will say that our free tier (starter) has the reputation of being quite generous, so, unless you are building a larger web application with a lot of large files, or expecting a high volume of traffic, then it will likely be sufficient. If you tell us more details we can make a more accurate prediction. :muscle:

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