Increase buid time for 770c509e-d5d0-46dc-8d05-104103f77291

Please increase build time for page with id: 770c509e-d5d0-46dc-8d05-104103f77291
As much as possible.

@inDigital If you’re comfortable working with the API you can set it 30 minutes yourself with this guide:

If you wanted to do it via the UI you should ‘like’ this feature request that I made in late 2021:

If you don’t want to use the API Netlify’s staff will increase the limit for you.

If you want a build time greater than 30 minutes I believe you need to be on a Pro plan as mentioned here:

(Note: You may already be on a Pro plan, I have no idea, I don’t work for Netlify - if you are, then all you’ll need to do is wait until they assist)

Hi @inDigital,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ve increased the build time for the site to 45 minutes (up from the default 15 minutes). Could you try building again and let us know if you need more time?