In case of manual upload, do I have to re-upload the whole project every time I have an update?

Hello! I am currently working on

I uploaded my project through manual UI and I now have a question. If I want to update a file or add a new folder to the project, do I have to upload the whole project again? Because when I tried to upload the new content only, the project stopped working.

hi there, for a manual upload you do have to upload the whole project, yes.

If you are uploading frequently, the CI or CLI workflow might be easier. If you need more info on how to set that up, let us know.

Hello Perry,

Will the UI eliminate duplicate files? Or upload everything again and override the old files

hmm, i am not 100% sure i follow.

If you are deploying manually aka drag and drop from the UI, all files will be overwritten.

If you are using Continuous Integration, only the changed files will be redeployed. Does this answer your question?

Yes thank you very much! How can I learn more about the CI here?

Here you go! CI = continuous integration = continuous deployment, its all the same thing.

Let us know if you have some specific q’s.

Thanks again! I will check it and let you know if I get stuck anywhere. I really appreciate your help!