Need Help How to upload only single file on existing manully deploys

Hello Sir/Madam,

Today I just create my 1st account on netlify and facing one issue other than this issue everything is fine and its good.

My issue is I already upload a manual folder on deploy and the site is opening and everything looks good but am facing an issue that am not unable to upload one single HTML file on existing deploy Can anyone guide me how to solve this issue.

@loknathtechtro You cannot update an existing deployment, you can only do a new deployment.

To add the new/changed HTML file to your site, make the change locally and then redeploy the entire folder.

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Thanks sir for your update

Hi @loknathtechtro :wave:t6: , Welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: Sorry to hear you are having issues with your deploy. Nathan is right, you can only update a new deploy not an existing deployment.