Using the updateSiteDeploy API

Hey guys. I’ve built an integration with the Netlify API that allows users to deploy websites that are built using our no-code website builder.

I have a question about the deployment API.

Currently each time we deploy a site we just create a new deployment and upload all of the files. This is fine for small sites.

But for large sites uploading 100s of files every time, even when the content has not been updated since the last deploy, takes a long time etc.

So my question: can I use the updateSiteDeploy and only update the files that have content that has been updated since the last deploy without losing the previous files that were part of an earlier deploy?

Or put another way, does updateSiteDeploy API endpoint update files included in the update call without destroying other files that are not included in the update?

Thank you for any help here!


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Hi, @harris-at-webase. Every deploy must list all file in the deploy when calling the API. There is no way to send only new or changed files in the manifest.

There is a long thread about this here:

While that is about the CLI tool above, the CLI is using the same API and the same requirements apply here.

If there are questions after reading the thread above, please let us know.