Images don't show up after pointing a GoDaddy domain to Netlify

My client has a GoDaddy domain “”. The original static site is live on Netlify

Yesterday I’ve configured the DNS and nameservers correctly at Netlify and GoDaddy. Occurs that the site is rendering ok when loading the site on main domain, except for the images that don’t show up. Images are showing up nice on

I need to know what’s going on and how to correct this.


If you check the Console on the .com website, you’ll see that it fails to get resources from the domain due to CORS issue.

I think the easiest way to solve this will be to change the hard-coded URL from to for each resources being called (e.g. images, JS or CSS).

Alternatively, you can change the link to use relative URL instead.

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Yes! You’re right @hartanto. The problem was solved by changing the resources links to the main domain All working now!

Thank you very much

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