I'm having error while deploying a SaaS (Admin and dashboard) template from Velzon

The error in scss file in node_modules folder. can someone help me out in this?
I’ve purchased this template and I can send it to you as well to look up.

Error message:

(it’s from vercel)

Hey @spoiledwit

If you have purchased a template from a seller on Envato, the first place to start is with the official support offered by the seller—in the case of the template you have purchased, there is 6 months support offered with the purchase.

Are you saying this error message is from Vercel? If so, I would suggest contacting them for assistance.

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The error message was same on both netlify and vercel since it was related to node_modules folder.

I got it resolved by removing ‘^’ from bootstrap version in Package.json

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Thanks for coming back and sharing! Glad your obstacle has been resolved!