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I'd like my form to bypass the dashboard and just send an email

site-name: https://compassionate-brown-7b89df.netlify.app

I’m curious if I can have a form submission that bypasses the dashboard? Basically can I submit a form, receive and email notification, but not have that form submission show up in the dashboard?


Hi @nu27

You can use functions (docs) to handle form submission in place of Netlify forms. You can find examples and more on https://functions.netlify.com/.

Thank you for the suggestion. I think I was hoping for a way around needing to use another third party service like Sendgrid, etc as the data is still stored somewhere and I’d need to either create another account, or provide gmail info. Would be nice to have the option to still use netlify to send the email, or to link up with Zapier, but bypass the dashboard. I have a client that is worried about sensitive/hippa related inquiries he might receive through his contact form that show up for me to view on the dashboard. I appreciate the insight!