Skip form fields while sending netlify form via web hook to external links

Hello Netlify community,
I have 5 fields in my html form and i want to submit that fields as post request to external link via netlify form webhook.
The problem is i have also a password field inside my html form and i don’t want to show that password filed on netlify form submitted page(Dashboard). But password must be sent through external link webhook after form submitted on netlify.
Kindly guide me if is there a way to skip form filed for netlify dashboard and must be included inside notification.

Here is link of form

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Ahmad_Ayaz_Noor Welcome to the Netlify community :netliconfetti:

I have not seen anything in the docs or this forum that suggests hiding a field on the dashboard is possible.

Use HTTPS. Securely hash passwords, irreversibly, with a unique salt per password. Do this on the client - do not transmit their actual password. Transmitting the users original password to your servers is never “OK” or “Fine”.
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The above question from Stack Overflow is almost 11 years old. Still relevant today though IMHO.

I should have added previously, if you turn off Netlify’s form detection you will not receive submissions on the dashboard. You can configure the form to post elsewhere (e.g. <form action="" method="post"> ... </form>). Security is still paramount when dealing with passwords however.