I want to renew my domain and have a updated credit card on file. How can I do this?

Hi, I am having issues trying to renew my domain (www.HollinsDigital.com) I tried to auto renew but it did not allow me to. Can someone help me?

Hey @nholl22

It would appear the domain hollinsdigital.com is expired thus you don’t have the direct ability/option to new it.
You can use the Netlify Support page to get direct support for this. I will also flag this thread for the attention of Netlify Support staff.

ok thank you, I emailed support. How long does it usually take to get a response from support?

Shouldn’t take too long—though this may depend on the time of day (relative to them) and workload.

Hey there, @nholl22 :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I am not seeing any emails in our support inbox from the email that is associated with your Forums account. Did you write in from a different account?

Once you put a credit card on file, we can renew this domain for you! Please write back and confirm once you have done this, and I will help get this sorted for you!

Hi, I have responded with the email associated to this account. The email I responded with is nholl22@wgu.edu. I confirmed that the card on file was the correct card to charge.

Hey there, @nholl22 :wave:

Thanks for confirming your email. I have found your ticket and have notified the Support Engineers that you have followed up. They will continue to assist you via email. Keep your eyes out for a response soon!

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