I have deleted the previous site, but netlify still says "Another site is already using this domain"

The error indicates “Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “nanke.suste.ch” on site “wizardly-lewin-a5034b”
I previous have a site with this domain. However, I’ve already delete it. It seems that the netlify still consider I have binded this domain on the deleted site.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @nk1,
It looks like the other site using that domain is currently live. If it’s your site, you’ll have to remove the domain here:
Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”

If you don’t know the other site using the domain, we’ll have to ask you to follow the instructions here to verify domain ownership:

Let us know when that’s done and we’ll go from there!

Hi, I have add the TXT record to verify my ownership to this domain.
( on verified-for-netlify.nanke.suste.ch)
I’ve add this domain to a site, however, it has been deleted on May13 by myself. However, the Netlify still thinking I am using that site.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @nk1,
We got that fixed for you! The reason you couldn’t add the custom domain is because another account is using the bare domain (suste.ch) on their site. As a security precaution, we don’t allow people to share a domain across accounts by default so we had to manually change your site records on our end, and we were willing to do this since you verified domain ownership anyway.

Probably more than you wanted to know :wink: but long story short, you should be all set now :+1:

Hi, thanks for your adjustment! I’ll try it later. :smile:

i am trying to add domain on my site but it leads to error saying : " wallpaperpad.com is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to add it to your site. You can configure Netlify DNS for this domain later."

in the past i attached this domain on my different account but its about years ago, now i want to attach it to new site
i have removed this domain from other account but still has same issue.
i read netlify chats answer regarding this issue and someone said adding specific text on dns will help the issue so i added
key value as text record
verified-for-netlify:Netlify App

here Netlify App is my account on nelify

Please fix this issue, i already spent days trying to resolve the issue. Thanks

@iftikhar hi there! Thanks for making that TXT record. I’ve removed the previous association with wallpaperpad.com, you should now be able to add it to your site.

Thanks @sid.mann
sorry but it has still same issue, my dashboard url is: Netlify App here i think iftikhar12558 is my username but anyway let me know if you need more information ?


@iftikhar You should be able to click “Add domain” because it is your registered domain.

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If you don’t mind, I’ll add one more here: nlopes.dev. I’ve added the verified-for-netlify so hopefully you can decouple it.

Thank you!

Hi, I have removed the dns zone from the other account you should be able to add this domain now.

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Hi, we had a domain used by another account and we already removed from that account but I still can’t use for my site, I’m getting: ‘name 3dprinting.com.pe has a conflicting custom domain in another account’. I have added the ‘verified-for-netlify’ txt record. Thank you in advanced

Hi there, hanks for reaching out! I have verified your record and have been able to clear the domain for your use. Let us know if you have any trouble with adding it.