I have a Google Workspace email acct, I added my custom domain to Netlify do I need to add my Mx into Netlify too?

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FYI: I have my custom domain email thru a Google Workspace (formerly gSuite) and email has been working just fine… enter add custom Domain to my Netlify site:

I have my site on Netlify w/ custom domain of mattsmarineservice.com that is resolving ok, so far ~ the https is still propagating. My question is: Previously (before this afternoon) I had my Google mx records in Name Cheap before switching my Name Servers to Netlify… do I need to now go add my Google mx records into Netlify too after everything is finished propagating?
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I see mattsmarineservice.com is configured using Netlify DNS. In this case, yes, you will need to add any MX, TXT, or other records to Netlify that you require.

Check out

A list of domain-related support guides is in this thread

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RE: mattsmarineservice.netlify.app
Thank you guys for all of that!! I did not want to have any interruptions with my email so I’ve decided to go the Option 1 route (from your first response above) of adding the CNAME and A records; and not move the dns. I removed the netlify dns from my Namecheap dashboard. When I check on the ‘check DNS configuration’ link it does not give me the option of using the CNAMAE propagation… it still thinks that I want to move the dns I guess. Should I just add the A record and CNAME into my Registrar now anyway? THANK YOU!

I am hoping for something like this video tutorial here: ~ at least the options it shows at :46 in.

Hi @mhsailor1

If you are using Namecheap for DNS management and not Netlify DNS, then yes, you need to configure A/CNAME records to point to Netlify as per the Configure external DNS for a custom domain documentation.

Ok awesome that is what I thought BUT when I click on this http://prntscr.com/26kyszl link it is just giving me the Netlify DNS and not any info on the cname or A record like here: http://prntscr.com/26kys6p it still thinks I want to use Netlify’s dns…
That is my issue now :slight_smile: THANK YOU!!

That is the CNAME record you need to add to Namecheap in order for the domain to point to the Netlify site.

Gosh I’m sorry, this is what it’s giving me when I click on that link: http://prntscr.com/26kyute but I’m not looking to switch my name servers to netlify :confused:
***So my screenshot with the cNAME info is from a video not what I’m getting when I click on the link … that is why I’m confused

This is what you need to have in Namecheap:

Set Nameservers to Namecheap i.e.

Add A and CNAME records pointing to Netlify e.g

In Netlify add the domain mattsmarineservice.com e.g

(Note: These images are examples only, the names used will differ for you.)

OK great should I delete the custom domain in Netlify first and then add the records in NameCheap BEFORE ~ just in the order of your screenshot above? It still thinks that I’m trying to use Netlify’s dns

You can leave the domain in the Custom Domains section. Make sure you remove it from the Domains section of the UI though

OK so i’m deleting the DNS Zone then is that the place where I’m deleting it?

Yes, you are deleting the DNS Zone

Ok awesome; I will give it a shot! THANK YOU!! :pray: :pray:

I think it’s working; just needs to propagate the https. I’ve pointed lots of sites with A records I think what was confusing is that I never read anywhere in any of those Docs that you need to do add the Records into the Registrar first…?
You are my HERO of the day thank you so much!! They should let you out early… it’s Friday :slight_smile:

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Just a clarification, @coelmay is a volunteer, not an employee. They help a lot of users out here in their own free time.

P.S. Thank you @coelmay for all the help around here. This has definitely been a busy time in the helpdesk as well as the forums.

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