Https sometimes not enabled


I created several days ago and launched it thanks to netlify. Your product really rocks.

Also, Some of my users reports that sometimes the SSL certificate is not valid :fearful:which is really really bad example today WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 19.55.07|230x500

Can you please tell me what’s wrong and what I should do to prevent that.

Thanks a lot

From what I’m seeing, it looks like the issue only occurs when attempting to access your apex/naked domain (without the www).

Did you forget to include this non-www custom domain as an alias of your site in your Netlify settings?

Thanks for your answer

Here is what I have.
Isn’t it ok?

Should I add a DNS record?

Hmm… looks fine to me.

I’m noticing that your TLS certificate is only signed for the www domain despite this config though. I’m wondering if maybe the certificate was issued before you added the apex domain as an alias. If that’s the case, I would try to manually renew the certificate to see if adds the missing domain and fixes the problem.

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Ok thanks,
just did that, hope it will not happen again.

Thanks for the quick answer