HTTP2 stream error when accessing our sites

Hello everyone,

We are facing an odd issue with our sites in Kenya. Whenever us or our users try to access the sites using Chromium on a public wifi or mobile network, the page won’t load at all because of a ERR_HTTP2_SERVER_REFUSED_STREAM error. It happened a few times that a switch to anonymous mode helped, but only for the initial page – the error came back when clicking any further links.

This is happening primarily for sites, and – but the rest seems to be affected as well.

Some common denominators:

  • The connection is usually tethered or on public WiFi, but the scenarios overall seem pretty random and what’s possibly related is the quality of the connection. For one of us, the issue is only experiences when commuting outside of Nairobi and it works fine within the city.
  • Clearing the cache or cookies does not help.
  • We do not have any certificate-related issues on our sites.
  • We’re using a very basic Netlify setup – no firewall or edge functions.

Looking around the Internet, I can see that a common remedy is to set keep-alive-requests in nginx config, but that’s not something that is accessible by us via Netlify and I’m not sure it would solve the issue.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Attaching an example screenshot. I tried to retrieve a debug log via chrome://net-export/, but when that’s running, the issue goes away. :grimacing:

Also attaching a Safari screenshot (though the error code appears pretty generic).

As mentioned in the helpdesk, this sounds more like a local issue than Netlify’s. We cannot help debug this.