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How to use nuxt3's incremental static generation feature?

Hi there

Now that nuxt 3 beta was released: http://v3.nuxtjs.org/
Incremental static (re)generation should be possible.
I see that Netlify is getting ready:
Deploy Nuxt 3 to Netlify

But I can’t find any tutorial or documentation how this can be achieved.
Maybe it is because the beta release of nuxt 3 is missing that feature still?

Anyway, if anyone knows anything (release date, tutoirals, how-tos etc.) related to this topic, I would be glad to here from you.

Here is some more information about ISG, just in case.


Hi @phantom,

Nuxt 3 is supported on Netlify out of the box at the moment. About a tutorial, I don’t have one (Nuxt 3 resources are very very limited at the moment). But, as far as running a Nuxt 3 site is concerned, it would work.

docs say to use ‘dist’ as publish directory -

but keep getting:
Deploy did not succeed: Deploy directory ‘dist’ does not exist

Anyone have any luck w/ nuxt 3 (know it is still in beta)

I’ve personally used it and it works, but it was bare minimum: GitHub - Hrishikesh-K/nuxt3. Do you have a repo to share that’s having problems?

Wow - thanks for the quick response - it didn’t like static site - which nuxt says is still under construction - so removed that (and ssr) so now is all good.

Thank you.

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