How to submit my site to bing webmaster tools?

My site is and I have set a custom domain for it( When I tried to submit sitmap.xml, it failed. I have a GitHub repo for my site, and there is a sitmap file. When I opened “” or “”, it only returned 404. So where is my sitemap file?? :sob:

Have you tried downloading the deploy to check it is deployed?

How is the site built—React, Vue, etc.—and does it including automatically generating the sitemap? Is the sitemap in the correct location in the repository?

Can you share the repository?

Here is the sitemap in the repo
The site is built with vue.

I see it is in the root of the repository. But that is not the location that is published to Netlify, is it? So in order for Netlify to publish the file so it is accessible the file needs to make it into the Vite build directory.

Putting it in the public directory along with the other static assets is possibly a good thing to try.

Another thing to try is the which handles generation of a sitemap for you.

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Where is the “public ”directory?I’m just a beginner, and I can’t find it. Should I create one?

It is the directory called public in at the root of the repository.

Sorry, I misread it :sweat_smile: I’ll try. Thanks a lot!