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So I have a site which requires a CNAME record with the following domain ({Some Secret URL}
I don’t want to only redirect http:// to https://www i want to do with both protocols.

Aslo i have tried an alias. It will not work since reads the host header for matches in their database or something like that

Hi, @ViLLaN_TheDooM, we do not support HTTP at Netlify. All sites are HTTPS only by default. There is a blog post about why here:

All requests to http:// URLs will be redirected to their https:// equivalent.

Please note, this rule only applies to sites at Netlify.

If you are making a CNAME record which points a subdomain to a third-party service then they, the third-party service, controls the HTTP to HTTPS redirection, not Netlify. That is because the redirect is part of the HTTP protocol, not the DNS protocol. We would only control the DNS for the subdomain and the HTTP server would be control by the other hosting company.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

so do you know how i could redirect root domain to www

since peopel are saying the site doesnt work since its on www. not root

that should be happening automatically. which domain is this regarding?

Hi, @ViLLaN_TheDooM, that is entirely dependent on the system responding to the HTTP request.

If this was a site at Netlify, I could tell you. However, if this is a site with HTTP service hosted elsewhere (which I believe it is), then the answer will need to come from the technical support for that service.

We are only hosting the DNS for this domain and, since the redirect is at the HTTP level, we don’t have any control over the redirects.

Again, if this was a Netlify hosted site, I could answer but as it isn’t I cannot. Our technical support is limited to our own service.

If I’m mistaken and the HTTP hosting for the site is at Netlify, please let us know (and exactly what URL isn’t redirecting). Likewise, if there are questions about our DNS service, we are happy to assist.

this is not a netlify site. This is a dynamic site i made with antoerh host caleld they only support cname records and i want to redirect root to www

hi @ViLLaN_TheDooM,

if you are not hosting a site on Netlify, you won’t be able to use Netlify DNS for it. It is actually a violation if our terms of service, so we do need you do stop using Netlify DNS and find a different DNS for your site:

Use of other Netlify Services

Netlify DNS or AWS functions are strictly for use with sites deployed to Netlify. It is expressly allowed to have DNS records within your zone pointing to non-Netlify resources, but we expect that all zones you host with Netlify also have at least one hostname hosted by Netlify, and all functions hosted by Netlify are called primarily by a website hosted on our service."

You’ll need to set the correct records for your domain through a different DNS.