How to get the build error exposed in Github?

When there is a build error, for example on a PR, there will be a message added by Netlify with a link to logs.

I’d like to have the error shown directly in Github. Is it possible?

hi there AoDev, just making sure i understand correctly - if your site has a build error, you want that shown directly on github. where are you thinking you might see it? :thinking:

Imagine, there was an error. It would show up here.

Reason: devs can not see logs of private repos unless they are added to the team in Netlify.

ah! i see what you mean.

after a little digging i found this thread:

which implies that you can actually do this already for failed builds. I am not quite sure how, but it seems possible!

Doing this does not show the error. It displays a link to the logs. So it’s not possible to know what’s the issue unless you have access to the log. Then, it is not possible for a dev to access the logs of a private repo unless given access to Netlify.

The github comment looks like this

Still looking for a solution to get the error displayed outside of netlify.

Hey there, @AoDev :wave:

So sorry about the delay here! I talked to our relevant teams and while I have determined that this isn’t possible today, I have filed a feature request on your behalf with our Product team. Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us-- this is what makes Netlify a better product, so we truly appreciate it.

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