How to Eliminate Deploy Preview Requests for Irrelevant PRs

Dear Support Team,

*We have a GitHub repo, i.e.,

  • Instead of having a separate repo for “product”'s documentation, we’ve decided to use a directory in this repo to store the documentation sources and build the documentation out of these, i.e.,
  • There is only one branch in this repo from which the documentation is being published, i.e., “main”
  • Our “Branches and deploy contexts” settings:
    ** Production Branch: main
    ** Branch Deploys: None
    ** Deploy Previews: Any pull request against your production branch/branch deploy branches
  • We are getting “Pending Reviews” for the PRs which are not related to any documentation update, but to the code in the repo.

We have been wondering if there is any way to not to get such Pending Reviews by configuring any setting.

Sites in question:

PS: We are on the Pro plan.

Kind Regards,

You can change the Sensitive Variable Policy to either skip or deploy using the variables: Netlify App