How to create TXT records on Netlify

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Here is my netlfify site name -

This is my domain I get this error message whenever I am trying to add a TXT record bad URI(is not URI?): “”

This is what I am trying to add

Name TXT Value
@ MS=ms22710032
@ v=spf1 -all

Hi @CrossPointTeam :wave:t6: welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out!

First did you follow these steps when adding your TXT record?

If you did follow those steps and you are still getting that error… Can you provide the site name and a screenshot of the error as well so we can investigate if this is a bug.

I followed the steps earlier. I have provided the site name -

I will be attaching the screenshot error below.

@CrossPointTeam Can you provide a screenshot of where you got the TXT record instruction from?

Just trying to confirm what you’ve been told to enter.

Hmm, can you double check your TXT record values just to confirm you put in the right name + value.

Here is where I got the instruction from.

That’s fine @nathanmartin

I did. I shared an image on what I am supposed to populate in those spaces. You might want to kindly take a look at it. I might be missing something

@CrossPointTeam You’ve entered:

Record type: TXT
Name: @MS=ms22710032
Value: @v=spf1 -all

But it looks to me like there are two different TXT records to enter:

Record type: TXT
Name: @
Value: MS=ms22710032
Record type: TXT
Name: @
Value: v=spf1 -all

Thanks a lot. Problem solved

Awesome thanks for coming back and letting us know you got your solution.