Netlify DNS TXT Records Not Working

I added TXT records to my Netlify domain and they still haven’t shown up, even when querying Netlify DNS directly and it’s been over an hour now.

Any ideas on why the DNS records aren’t working? There is no DNSSEC enabled for the domain and the nameservers are pointed to Netlify.

What TXT records have yet to populate? I have only seen one.

I’m not getting any TXT records at all:

id 11049 opcode QUERY rcode NOERROR flags QR RD RA ;QUESTION IN TXT **;ANSWER** ;AUTHORITY 1800 IN SOA 1681878826 43200 7200 1209600 3600 ;ADDITIONAL

You can see there are no CNAME or TXT records, but the MX records are working:

Can you give an example of a TXT record you have added that doesn’t work? What values were used?

Here’s a screenshot of the current DNS records using the Netlify UI.

I can see both

 % dig TXT 300 IN TXT "__qR3RJVxFzh5Ul5OxVhnO0z_GWlXZ31NopcoRWteIc"
% dig TXT	300	IN	TXT	"blah"

If it is the second to last one that is causing the issue, it is likely due to the fact appears twice. Edit the record to remove this as it is automatically appended to the record.

I can also see the CNAME record

% dig CNAME	300	IN	CNAME

Hi, @Johnathan_Leppert. I also see both records working when I test. Did you resolve this?

$ dig +noall +answer TXT 300 IN TXT "__qR3RJVxFzh5Ul5OxVhnO0z_GWlXZ31NopcoRWteIc"

$ dig +noall +answer TXT	300	IN	TXT	"blah"