How to configure Netlify only to auto-deploy if other status check passes?

I would like to configure Netlify to auto-deploy my site from github only if my continuous integration build passes. (I use Circle to run automated tests.) Is this possible?

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  1. You can have a sep. branch only for deploying to netlify, so when your test are done you can move the changes to a different branch, once the push is done Netlify can autodeploy changes from that branch.
  2. You can turn off autodeploy and you can use a webhook to trigger the deploy, more information in the Documentation

There are other ways to trigger a deploy, if you provide more info about your usecase i can help even more.
Good luck!


Thanks @zltnvrs! I’ll take a look at the webhook—I think that will solve my use case.


The second option doesn’t work because when you turn off autodeploy, you also turn off publishing.

You can trigger a deploy via webhook, but there doesn’t seem to be a webhook to trigger a publish or a “deplloy + publish”