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Hi, I have a problem very similar to Triggering publish with a webhook - #5 by liukaren. I’ve setup a CI pipeline through circleci that deploys to netlify after the unit tests pass. However, when I push a change to main, the change is auto published on netlify. However, I want a site to be published on netlify only after the circleci checks pass. Thus, I want the site to be auto-published ONLY from a webook. Can you help me configure that?

Site Name: dsgtbootcamp

Hi @karkir0003,

When you push to your repo, you can include [skip netlify] anywhere in the commit message and that commit would be ignored by Netlify. Does that help?

So just to make sure I understand correctly, using a commit message like “blahblah [skip netlify]”, netlify won’t immediately deploy my change from main into the site automatically?

I saw in the post I linked that there is a setting that can be turned on from the support engineer end that solves the issue. Would you be able to configure that though so that I don’t have the inconvenience of including [skip netlify] every time I make a commit to main branch

Hi @karkir0003,

We don’t recommend doing it from our end because you’d again have to contact us to get it re-enabled and that would add waiting time. But, I’ve done it for the mentioned website for now. Let me know if it works.