How to change site for a domain

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “” on site “sitem”

Yup, you or someone else has already set that name up on another site, and we can only serve a single site for any given name. You’d have to remove the name from site blissful-bhaskara-5c4acf first (here: to transfer it to a different site. Note that you have also configured and are using our DNS hosting, so just removing and re-adding the hostname should work but in case you have created a new team, you’d have to transfer the DNS Zone from that other team to your current one (here:

…before you could use it on the new team. This is ONLY required if you are using a different team for this new site than the old one - which is called ‘kemalgencay’.

Thanks, solved it
Now the crucial question, how can I change the repo of my site to point to my different repo?

Here ya go!

  • start on the ‘build and deploy settings’ page, near the top where the repository information is
  • choose “edit settings”
  • then click on “link to a different repository”

Thank you, most helpful

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