Can't use my domain name error

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “” on site “hopeful-turing-0e812a” I don’t think this is being used elsewhere. It is my domain name and only I have access to it.

Hi, @Geeky1, I do see this domain configured on another Netlify team. Did you possibly use two different email addresses with Netlify and now have two teams?

If so, please login to the other team and delete domain from the previous team. This will allow the domain to be used with the new team and site.

If you don’t have access to the other email address or team anymore, we can have you create a verification DNS record and then we can remove the domain from the other team.

Would you please let us know how you prefer to proceed?

I have copied the four Netlify name server records into my account at the name host, however, only one page of my site is showing under the URL name (all pages show under the Netlify domain name). Is it just a matter of time, or is there something else I need to do? Thanks

I am sure that I added the website to my Netlify account but when I log in now it lists it as which is not my website. When I try to add my website to Netlify I get the error message “Subdomains are not supported as DNS zones”. What can I do? Thank you

As Luke mentioned, this is owned by a different team (Kris’ team) so would have to be configured there (as would all sites using it). Is that your team?

I don’t see anything referencing in your whois record:

$ whois