How to change netlify user name?

I want to change my user name without opening a new account and deleting this one. How to do it?

You can change your team name or slug by navigating to team settings > team details> team information> name or slug.
https:// teams/YOUR TEAM SLUG/settings/general#team-information

What about this site? for answers

Hi @alexts9565,

You can change a site’s default Netlify subdomain by selecting the Options button next to the subdomain in the Production domains panel, then selecting Edit site name in the menu. CURRENT SITE NAME/domain-management

@alexts9565 wants to change their username for the forums @Melvin

Hi @stuffed,

thanks for clarifying, I read that incorrectly at the start of my shift.


To change your username, you would click on your profile picture in the top right, and then click the last icon:

You would then go to Preferences:

You should then see the Username section.

It is not clickable…

This should now be possible, although not recommended: