Changing the team name on Netlify

Dear all,
I was wondering if I need to modify some site configurations after I change the name of team on Netlify.
I am suspecting this change has been a cause of build failures, somehow.
Is there a need to change anything after a team name change?

  • Our site is

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @Serdaro,

Thanks for reaching out!

You shouldn’t have to make any changes to site configurations after changing the Team slug.

For the last failed build on site nifty-wozniak-71a44b here:

I see the failure happening here:

If you resolve that issue, is the build successful?

We have a support guide on debugging builds here which may help.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much @Melvin . It happens that it is nothing to do with the team name change. This particular error you mentioned was about a lack of attribute in the playbook; fixed it. But…

About the build… I managed to build the documentation by sacrificing the access to an internal (private) repo of ours. Apparently, our former tech writers chose the option to create a repository secret and address it in the Netlify as an environment variable. As they are no longer with us, I am guessing the secrets are invalid. Now, I think I will try to provide my personal access token as the environment variable, and see how it goes.

So the steps in mind are:
1 - Get my personal access token and enable the SSO.
2 - Put the token information into the Netlify in the form https://<token>
3 - Trigger deploy.

I’ll let you know.
Again thanks a lot.

Hi @Melvin ,
I am still experiencing the issue. For now, as a workaround, I commented out the problematic content URLs in our playbook; of course this means some of the documentation features are not working.

Again, my steps are:
1 - Put an organization secret in our GH workflow:
2 - Set a new environment variable on our Netlify site by providing the secret value in the form Private Repository Authentication :: Antora Docs

Is this the right track?

And I was wondering where the validation between Netlify and GitHub is happening, in terms of secrets/tokens. Should I look for a config file, or some other configuration?

I’m not sure what your question is about? Are you asking how to access a private GitHub repo? Are you able to access it outside of Netlify?

Hi @hrishikesh ,
Yes, and yes.
As of today, I was able to fix the issue using a GitHub organization secret.
Thank you.