How to change favicon

Problem: I can’t change the favicon
What I’ve tried: This site was started with the one-click setup, so it has the Kaldi template. I went into the /admin/ page and found the favicons under media and swapped them out with the new favicons but they’re not showing up on my site.

I know that you need to click “publish” to get the blog posts visible (I’m assuming that makes a git commit/ push), is there a way to “publish” when you’ve only changed media? Or is there some other trick to change the favicons?

@ajhurliman Welcome to the Netlify community.

Old favicons have a bad habit of persisting after you’ve replaced them, usually because of browser and other caching. In my experience, you just have to wait them out.

Interesting, thanks for the response. Do you know if there’s anything I need to do after editing the media to get that to push to git, or does it happen automatically after the edits are made?

You can say it happens automatically, but a better description is that it happens eventually.

i want to add on to what greg said - you do need to commit and push after editing the media to trigger a redeploy, yes. if that has happened, then eventually it will show up properly after the cache expires.

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Made a tiny change to some post text and published it, favicon was changed shortly after, thanks!

I would also like to have a favicon like this website .
But I would try all the solutions that have been posted here.

@laniteboy1995 If you aren’t creating your own site icons, this resource is difficult to beat.