How to change a user picture (avatar)

I’m creating a chat and I want user to change the image picture I did see that when we print in console the user that there is a link for the profile picture but I want to change it. Does it possible if yes can I get some exemple / help ?
my site adress is

This is not a coding forum. We can only help with Netlify-specific issues, not with your custom code.

so were I do this ? I don’t know very well support and that thing.

I’m not sure what you mean but i’d recommend you post on stack overflow or another forums that deals with code.

Its not custom code I just want hhow to do it. as its a netlfly thing but i don’t find it in the docs.

Hi, @franck403. Are you talking about a profile picture when logged into the website or a profile picture on the site you created (the site)?

If you are talking about the site, you can change your profile picture here:

If you are talking about the site, then that is your custom code and you will need to find the answer on your own.

Please note, you can ask custom code questions here and someone that is not on the support team may assist you. However, this is also not a “general node.js code questions” site. You might have better results asking that question on a general coding site as it isn’t a question specific to Netlify.

I am talking about the extention that alow user login on the project. Created by Netlfly

Hi, @franck403. Are you asking about the Identity feature? If so, there is no profile picture functionality at all with that feature. If you want to have profile pictures, you will need to write the code to create that functionality.

i’m talking of that


Hi, @franck403. Well, I stand corrected and there is an avatar URL in the identity metadata. This was news to me.

The backend for Identity is the gotrue code. Looking at references to “avatar” in that code (search example here) I find entries like this below in that code:

type githubUser struct {
	Email     string `json:"email"`
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	AvatarURL string `json:"avatar_url"`

This shows the avatar is a URL (provided above by the GitHub SSO process).

It is possible to change that URL. There is another repo that contains an example of how to update user metadata here:

Hopefully that is enough information to unblock you. If there are other questions, please let us know.

Thanks for the help I didn’t know that was possible this will allow me to do new thing

oh that’s awesome to hear. I’m glad luke could be of help!