How to build a site that only contains functions?

I want to build a site from github that only contains functions.
I’ve got the functions in the correct default directory.
Do I need to run a npm run build ?
At the moment it fails with

npm ERR! missing script: build

I’m not sure if that’s allowed as in if it works with Netlify’s Terms of Service. @perry can shed some light on that.

But, regarding your problem, it happens when your package.json doesn’t have any script with the name build and you’re still running npm run build. Since you don’t need to build anything, you can keep your build command and publish directory blank and it would work.

hi @gearoid - it is acceptable to have a site that only contains functions.

this is the terms of use in its entirety:

under section 4.1, it reads:

Any person deemed to be using Netlify solely as a remote storage server will have their account immediately terminated and will have all files associated with their account permanently removed.

that’s really mostly what we are concerned about - we’re not interested in providing a bunch of bandwidth & server storage for files, but we see functions a bit differently, and what you are doing shouldn’t be a problem.

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