How do you transfer sites to my existing domain? Currently being deployed from Github

My site crashed in trying to transfer the domain from github to WIX. Please help I need my portfolio up and running as I am in consideration for a job with two companies. Please help its urgent. How do I fix this. Right now it’s being deployed from github and I want the domain to host my WIX site.

hi there,

a few clarifying questions:

  • which domain name and netlify site is this regarding?
  • is this a netlify backed site that was being deployed from github?
  • was netlify set up as the DNS for the domain name?

Note that if you have moved from a github backed app to something on WIX that you want to reach through a custom domain, you’ll have to let WIX handle the DNS, which you would handle through them, as we won’t handle your DNS if you intend to use a different webservice to host your site.

What should I do then, my site is down, I need to transfer my domain to wix and host it with WIX how do I do that??? Whys is this so difficult to do??? Im gettin frsutrated, I have interviews coming up and my site is down.

Hi binish, i hear that it’s frustrating, but if you are leaving Netlify’s service and moving to WIX, you’ll need to contact WIX support to resolve the issue.

There is some guidance here:
(edit: the previous link i included was incorrect, here is the correct one)

but I still believe you would benefit from speaking to wix support for a smooth transfer.