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How do you redirect to an external site but preserve local url

I want to go

/google https:/www.google.com

but preserve the path as mysite/google

is that possible?

If you set status to 200, it redirects but all the google local assets are lost? (images, csss etc)

Hi @andystevenson

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This is expected behaviour. The loaded page things it exists on example.com/google, and if links to images, stylesheets, etc take the form /styles/main.css the browser then expects those assets to exist on example.com.

Yes it is possible and does get utilised on Netlify, but only when creating a proxy to another site you control.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I am still missing some understanding.

I have 2 sites hosted on netlify



I want to be able to
a/b redirect fully to b.dev
b/a redirect fully to a.dev

Preserving urls both ways.
Can I do that?

Many thanks, Andy

Yes it’s possible. It’s explained in point 4 here: