How do you access dot files in static git page generator

I’ve recently started experimenting with hosting my dot files on a static git page generator. However, when I try to view any dot file (e.g., .gitignore files) I get a Page Not Found error.

I have no issue viewing these dot/hidden file locally, but they lead to 404 when deployed. How can I solve this?

Here is a link to my dotfiles:

The only resource I could find was this old github issue that mentions redirects, but I can’t make sense of how to apply it to my case: dotfiles are ignored by 'netlify deploy' · Issue #11 · netlify/cli · GitHub

Any hint would be appreciated. Thank you. :grinning:

Simply put, you can’t do what you’re trying to do. Those files are ignored during build.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

Just to clarify, I don’t mean that I want to see files ignored by .gitignore, I understand that the goal of a .gitignore is to “ignore” files on build.

I meant that I would like to be able to see the contents of the .gitignore files itself, as well as any file that is preprended with a dot.

As an example, on this website (.gitignore - bmf - bmf (Bayesian Mail Filter) 0.9.4 fork + patches), you’re able to see the contents of the .gitignore file.

However, on my site, my dotfiles, even when they’re not ignored (Files - arch - Arch Linux system dot files and scripts.) return a 404 page.

Is it still the case that Netlify simply doesn’t process these files?

Yes, when I meant those files are ignored during build, I wasn’t talking about them being ignored by .gitignore. I was talking about Netlify’s build systems ignoring file names starting with .. Even if the file is not in .gitignore, it will be ignored.