Files and folders whose name starts with a dot are not deployed when using `netlfiy deploy`

pretty much the title. I use netlify deploy to deploy my site (that is prebuilt). here is a preview of the site:

here you can see the same website deployed to surge:

the issue is that netlify deploy ignores folders and files whose name starts with a dot. I want to configure it so that it would change this behavior but I’m unable to find how in the documentation. I asked the support chat, chat gpt, searched the docs extensively, and looked at related GitHub issues as well (which directed me here).

how can I do this? again, I want to configure the CLI so that it also deploys files and folders whose name starts with a dot (.).

@loreanvictor I can’t speak with any authority, as I don’t work for Netlify and was unaware of this until I just read your post, but from searching around I believe it’s not supported and you need to use a workaround as outlined in this thread:

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yes it appears that way to me to, unfortunately. which is strange, because this is a limitation that seemingly no other major hosting provider has (some others also ignore dot files by default, but they allow configuring that behaviour).

What exactly are you planning to host in those folders? Is there a convincing use-case that I can share with the team to change this behaviour?