How do I make a new published production deploy to become the actual live-website?


I am using netlify to host the static website for

I added some content to the website and uploaded a new deploy to

If I go to Sites and select sharp-raman-148cef the production deploys panel shows the new version of the site from May 2 is published.
However, the domain still displays the previous deploy from April 5.

Could you provide me with any info what I have to do to make the new production deploy go live?

Hey @H_ITA,
I think you’re close! I don’t see that is the custom domain for the site You’ll want to add it as the custom domain by clicking the button here and following the instructions in the UI:

Let us know if that fixes things for you!

Hey @jen,

thank you for your reply! When I try to add as the custom domain I receive the response “Another site is already using this domain”. It´s really the old version of from April 5 that the domain seems to remain linked to. The URL displays the updated site from May 2, but keeps showing the April 5 versionof

I am not using A Git repository with the site. Could that be a reason the updated version is not linked to the custom domain? Any other ideas what I could do?

Hey there,

On this same page,, you can see your deploys. The last deploy has been published - there is no later version of the site. You’ll need to manually deploy again to update the site!