How do I get my Hexo site to show up on search results?

I just recently built my blog using Hexo and deployed it on Netlify to a custom domain.
However, when I tried to search it on Google and DuckDuckGo, no results of my site showed up. None at all.
Can someone let me know what basic things I need to know to get my site to at least show up on search results?

We don’t do anything around publicizing your site; you’ll have to handle that in any way you see fit. I can confirm that we don’t prevent anyone from indexing your production deploy natively, though :). Most search engines will find your site eventually if enough people link to it, but perhaps you can also submit it for indexing? You can on google, but I’m not sure for your case as I don’t use duckduckgo, but this article has some tips:

I don’t know anything about the author of that article, it just came up when I searched for more information on the topic. I suggest you do the same thing :slight_smile: