How can I move a domain over to Netlify (from Squarespace)?

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  • Netlify site name:
  • I am getting a “Connection is not private” error when I visit my domain “

I would ideally like to move the domain registration over from Squarespace to Netlify. Squarespace has been incredibly difficult to work with and I am unable to point my nameservers to Netlify DNS.

Any pointers on how I can resolve this and move away from Squarespace for good?

If you want to move registrar there a many others to choose from.

It is not possible to transfer a domain to Netlify as Netlify is not a registrar.

From what I can see your domain is using Netlify DNS. The only thing missing is the SSL certificate. Have you tried issuing a certificate manually?

thanks for responding! Would I have to issue a certificate manually in Netlify?

Yes. Scroll down on the page where you assigned the custom domain to your site.