Hosting large number of files on free plan

First, a big thank you for your great service!

According to your Terms of Service, free plans include a generous 100 GB of storage as long as it is not used “as a remote storage server only”.

I have developed an application for an art project that is currently hosted on a dedicated server (here). This app generates PDF posters on-demand from text and image data pulled in real time from third-party sites (e-commerce, social media, etc). Data is stored in a MongoDB database for later use, so that a poster can be retrieved with a permalink.

The app has been running for several years now and has accumulated a very large number of poster data. It currently stores about 1.5 million text snippets and 800 thousand images, for a total DB size of 15 GB.

Now we want to archive the app and turn it into a (mostly) static web site with historic data only and no way to pull new data. Your free plan offers more than enough storage space for the whole data. However I want to make sure that uploading such a large number of files is 1. technically possible, and 2. compatible with your terms of service, as these files are an essential part of the application.

Thanks for your clarification.

I suspect you will have a very hard time uploading that much data into less than a series of 20 sites. Our CDN is optimized for much smaller files, and also for much smaller deploys.

However, we charge for transfer, so anyting you can fit in, that is referred to by your html, is not against our ToS. This is in contrast to say uploading something that is used just by e.g. a game that runs on people’s PC’s and pulls art from our servers via API, rather than in a browser.

TL;DR feel free to give it a try but I would be surprised if you could create a 15Gbyte single site.

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Thanks. I think the best option for us will be to store all the images on a dedicated storage service such as Amazon S3. Our app doesn’t require the images to be stored on the same server.

I agree, that does sound better :slight_smile:

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